QUEBRACHO BLANCO Charcoal and MIXED WOODS Charcoal Producers from Paraguay

With over two decades of experience in the charcoal industry, we have grown to become one of the leading producers and exporters in South America. From the outset, our primary objective has been to cater to the needs of consumers and food service customers in the world's most discerning markets. We take pride in our ability to consistently provide high-quality charcoal that meets the expectations of our customers. Our years of experience have taught us the importance of understanding our customers' needs and delivering products that meet those needs effectively. As a result, we have established a reputation as a reliable supplier of top-quality charcoal from Paraguay.



Selected Paraguayan QUEBRACHO

Since 1984, we have been exporting Quebracho Blanco charcoal from Paraguay to various European countries and the United States under several brand names and private labels. Our secret to success is simple; we only use the finest quality Paraguayan Quebracho Blanco wood to produce our charcoal. This guarantees a high-quality product that minimizes smoke and sparking while retaining that natural charcoal aroma.

Quebracho Blanco wood is the ideal choice to produce premium quality charcoal with high calorific output and a long-lasting burn. Our charcoal is made from carefully selected Quebracho Blanco wood, which is renowned for its density and slow-burning properties. This ensures that our charcoal burns for a longer duration, making it perfect for extended cooking sessions without the need for constant refueling.

Moreover, our Quebracho charcoal produces less smoke and sparks compared to other charcoals, which makes it a safer and more convenient option for outdoor cooking. Our charcoal has been tested and proven to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring that it provides excellent performance in any cooking environment.

We take pride in our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality Quebracho charcoal available. Our long-standing experience in exporting Quebracho charcoal, coupled with our dedication to quality, has earned us a reputation as a trusted supplier in the industry.

General Details

Our Paraguayan Quebracho Blanco gives a delicate and pleasant flavor to all meats and vegetables cooked

Our charcoal is made from natural hardwoods not threatening any delicate ecosystem in Paraguay

Excellent for cooking slowly over a low heat or hot grilling any type of food

Easy to light, burns hotter and lasts longer than most hardwood charcoal

How QUEBRACHO Charcoal is Made

Paraguayan charcoal is mostly pure carbon, made by cooking wood in a low oxygen environment, a process that take days and burns off volatile compounds such as water, methane, hydrogen, and tar. The burning takes place in large brick ovens with very little oxygen, and stops before it all turns to ash. The process leaves black lumps and powder.

When ignited, the carbon in charcoal combines with oxygen and forms carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, other gases, and significant quantities of energy. It packs more potential energy per ounce than raw wood. Our charcoal burns steady, hot, and produces less smoke.


Durability: Quebracho Blanco charcoal is known for its high density and hardness, which means it burns more slowly than other types of charcoal and can last longer. This is particularly useful for slow or long-duration cooking, such as grilling or smoking.

Flavor: Quebracho Blanco charcoal produces a unique smoky flavor that is highly valued by grill and smoke enthusiasts. The flavor is milder than other types of charcoal, which means it doesn't overpower the natural flavors of the food.

Heat: Quebracho Blanco charcoal can reach high temperatures, making it ideal for searing and browning meats to perfection. Additionally, it can provide a consistent and stable source of heat throughout the cooking process.

Low in ash: Quebracho Blanco charcoal produces less ash than other types of charcoal, which means it's easier to clean up after cooking.

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